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We build your solution with the right technology in an effective and secure way, supporting you every step towards your final design.

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We will gladly develop your imaging-, video-, signal- or tracking- detector.
-And we enjoy every second of it! We help you to develop your detector smarter!

On behalf of our customers, we are developing advanced electronics in embedded systems, especially detectors for image, video, signaling and tracking features. Our commitment to your needs and our knowledge in advanced microelectronics enables us to design your optimum solution. We are happy to say that our customers are coming back to us and that many highly qualified Electronics Engineers choose to work at BitSim.

BitSim history – a very good start to an even better continuation

Thanks to the fact that some of Sweden’s most experienced consultants in electronics engineering founded BitSim AB in summer 2000, we now, as a design house, offer market-leading expertise in the area smart electronics development.

Our customers have benefited from our expertise since the very beginning and we quickly became one of the largest providers of competence in design of ASIC & FPGA.

A selection from years gone by

2019    BitSim develops Python based platform for  embedded Imaging/machine learning with HW acceleration

2018    Completion of BitSim’s Pistonhead, an FPGA based Ethernet Camera platform built on our existing IP blocks

2017    BitSim wins research contract for the development of deep hole mineral exploration equipment

2016     Release of our building block for standardized image interface for all kinds of fixed and mobile imaging devices, Bit-MIPI-CSI-2

2015     Launching our design model and reinforcing our business as electronic design house

2014     Release of our building block for small sized digital cameras with CMOS-sensor and USB3, Bit-Imager

2013     Release of our building block for security alarm with GPS and GSM, Bit-Tracker

2012     Release of our building block for 32-bit A- converters, used for example to seismic detector

2011     Sign several international contracts, e.g. India and U.S. of America

2010     First commercial camera contract; development of a hardware-platform for a professional tiny cine-camera

2009     Release of our groundbreaking and hi-tec building block for high-speed data, MAGIC

2008     Sign agreement with Atmel; as a design center

2007     License Agreement with American Microchip world’s largest supplier of microcontrollers, BADGE Accelerated 2D Graphics Engine

2006     Release of our building blocks for data acquisition in real time, UHAB (Ultra High-Speed Acqusition Board)

2005     Establish our business in more industries and gets a classification of assignments for defense

2004     Launch our High Speed ​​PCB with over 3 Gbit / s with Linux on a CPU in a FPGA

2003     Release of our first building block; a 2D graphics accelerator, BADGE Accelerated 2D Graphics Engine

2002     Establish our operation for  assignments as design house

2001      Altera and Xilinx qualify BitSim as a partner

2000     BitSim AB starts and opens offices in Växjö and Stockholm

Now history

NOW has been in business since 1985 and our premises are situated in Kista north of Stockholm, Sweden. We have a very qualified and experienced staff and a well-equipped electronics lab. With structured development methods, modern tools for software development and a self-developed quality system, NOW develops products and systems that fulfills customer demands.

NOW has extensive knowledge of what is technically and economically feasible, and can in cooperation with the customer decide a suitable further development of an idea or a project with the latest technology. We are used to handle demanding development projects with a short time span, and often accomplish tasks in our own premises at a fixed price. A close cooperation with subcontractors allows mass productions of products in industry, military and medicine.

We also deliver consulting services concerning design and programming tasks for projects that are performed at our customers’ premises.

NOW is also hired for investigations, design inspections and system work.

A selection from years gone by

2021    BitSim AB moved in together with NOW.

2021    The premises were modernized, and enlarged to 965 m2.

2015   30th anniversery!

2009    NOW moves to Borgarfjordsgatan in Kista, 602 m2.

1993    The first PCB with surface mounted components. It even ended up in a newspaper!

1993    NOW moves to Isafjordsgatan in Kista, 440 m2.

1993    NOW reaches more than 10 employees.

1993    NOW starts a close cooperation with Schill Reglerteknik AB.

1991    The first customer specific serial produced PCB, a video multiplexer to a pick’n’place mounting machine. Totally around 200 PCBs were produced.

1989    The first mission at a customers premises, embedded programming in C.

1987     NOW moves to Bagartorpsringen in Solna, 185 m2.

1986     The first consultant is employed.

1985     The first mission – a video generator consisting of three PCBs, one designed in 100k ECL. The three PCBs had together 90 PALs, and generated video for x-ray images, 1280×1024, 60 Hz, non-interlaced.

1985     NOW Elektronik i Stockholm AB is founded by Per Neihoff and Henrik Wallin, and has premises at Ekensbergsvägen in Sundbyberg, 87 m2.