Integrity Policy

Data protection policy for BitSim NOW AB


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the company BitSim NOW AB handles personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ”Personal data” refers to all information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a now living natural person. Responsible for the handling of personal data is BitSim NOW AB (hereinafter referred to as ”BitSim NOW”, ”we” or ”us”) with organization number 556586-5531 and address Borgarfjordsgatan 13A, 164 40 Kista.

Type of personal data

BitSim NOW handles personal data from potential and existing customers, suppliers, partners, consultants, jobseekers and employees. We collect the information either directly from you, from our partners and suppliers or from publicly available registers. With the exception of information about our own employees, we never handle sensitive personal information. In some cases, we may collect personal information from you, but where the information applies to persons other than yourself. In these cases, we assume that you who provide us with the information of others have the consent of these persons to do so. We will inform the persons concerned about our personal data processing at our first contact with them.

Your role Examples of personal data that BitSim NOW handles
Customer, supplier or partner Name, position, company/organization, contact information, invoice information, purchase history, dialogue history
Consultant or jobseeker Name, contact information, CV, dialogue history
Employee Name, social security number, contact information, CV, salary, absence, information about relatives, notes from employee interviews, dialogue history

Your personal information may also appear in various types of data logs that are necessary for our digital systems to function in an appropriate manner. This may apply, for example, to logs of information access, incoming and outgoing e-mail or telephone calls.

Sometimes we document BitSim NOW’s events, such as customer meetings, with photos or film recordings. These may in some cases constitute personal data.

Legal basis and purpose of the treatment

BitSim NOW processes personal data for several different purposes. The main purposes are for us to be able to:

  • Manage orders, deliveries and communication with our customers, suppliers and
  • Document, evaluate, develop, and market our business
  • Manage our commitments as an employer

Any processing of personal data carried out by BitSim NOW may be justified based on one or more of the following legal bases:

Fulfillment of legal obligation
Example: We save certain personal data to meet the requirements of the Accounting Act.

Fulfillment of agreements
Example: To be able to deliver services that a customer has ordered from us, we handle certain personal information about the customer in question.

Legitimate interest
Example: We handle certain personal information about companies that are potential customers of BitSim NOW, based on our business interest in marketing our services.

Example: When a jobseeker sends their CV to BitSim NOW, we handle this based on the applicant’s consent.

Storage times and protectiv measures

BitSim NOW has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against, for example, loss, damage, or unauthorized access. We continuously adapt our security measures to the continuous technical development to maintain a high level of security.

We store your personal information for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes described above. The data is then deleted or deidentified so that it can no longer be linked to you. Unless otherwise agreed, and unless the law requires us to keep the information longer, the storage times below apply.

Existing customers, suppliers, and partners
We save your information if your company or organization has an active relationship with BitSim NOW, and thereafter for a maximum of ten years.

Potential customers, suppliers and partners
If we have not yet been in contact with you, for example because you are a possible future customer or supplier to BitSim NOW, we will save your information for a maximum of three years.

Consultant or jobseeker
Application documents for positions and assignments at BitSim NOW, and personal data linked to these, are stored for a maximum of five years from the completion of the recruitment process for the position / assignment in question.

If you end your employment at BitSim NOW, we will delete information such as CVs and notes from employee interviews within one year. Information that may be needed for future pension payments, employer certificates or the like, we will retain throughout the company’s lifetime.

Transfer of personal data to others

BitSim NOW never sells your personal information to third parties. However, we may disclose your information to the following categories of recipients:

Your personal information may be disclosed to authorities, companies or individuals if BitSim NOW has a legal obligation to disclose the information.

Other company in the group
BitSim NOW’s parent company Vironova has access to certain parts of our servers and regularly backs up the entire servers. We also transfer information about the company’s employees to Vironova.

In cases where we cooperate with another company in a customer delivery, we may also transfer the necessary personal data to this company. We also have collaborations with, for example, pension administrators where certain personal data needs to be transferred. In these collaborations, each company is responsible for its own personal data processing.

Personal data assistants (Swedish: Personuppgiftsbiträden)
If BitSim NOW uses another business to perform certain services for us, this may mean either that the other business collects personal data for us, or that they need access to personal data that BitSim NOW has collected. Such collaborations are, for example, with recruitment companies and IT system suppliers. We then enter into a personal data assistant agreement with the other business.

In principle, BitSim NOW never transfers personal data to activities outside the EU/EEA. The exception is activities conducted in a third country where the level of protection is substantially equivalent to that guaranteed within the EU by the GDPR.

Your Rights

The GDPR gives you as a registered person several rights regarding your personal data, for example to find out what data we store about you, to correct incorrect information and to request deletion. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, you are welcome to contact us at the following address:

Borgarfjordsgatan 13A
164 40 Kista

If you believe that BitSim NOW processes your personal data in violation of applicable law, or that we have handled a request from you incorrectly when you wanted to exercise your rights as above, you can report this to the Data Inspectorate of Sweden.