IR video over SPI

Thermal Image of a person holding a hot coffee captured by Lepton 3.5 IR sensor

To transfer the sensor data with minimal software or hardware, FLIR has developed VoSPI protocol, an SPI based Video Interface. BitSim has developed Bit-VoSPI Rx, an FPGA IP for VoSPI receiver.

This IP implements custom logic to receive the data through SPI interface, extracts the video data and sends the data out through AXI4-Stream interface. This IP is configurable to different resolutions, easy to instantiate in FPGA designs.

Bit-VoSPI MIPI IP is developed to receive sensor data from Bit-VoSPI Rx and sends the data out through BitCsi2Tx, Bitsim’s MIPI CSI2 Transmitter IP.

These IPs have been tested in Xilinx and Microchip FPGA platforms. These can be used in camera applications where IR sensors compatible with VoSPI standards are involved.