IR video over SPI

Thermal Image of a person holding a hot coffee captured by Lepton 3.5 IR sensor

To transfer the sensor data with a minimum of software or hardware, FLIR has developed the VoSPI protocol, an SPI based Video Interface. BitSim has developed an FPGA IP, Bit-VoSPI Rx, to receive the VoSPI data.

This IP implements custom logic to receive the data through SPI interface, extracts the video data and sends the data out through AXI4-Stream interface. It is configurable for different resolutions and is easy to instantiate in FPGA designs.

In combination with another BitSim IP, the Bit-MIPI CSI-2 Tx (MIPI CSI-2 transmitter), the received IR-data can be streamed to popular SoCs like i.MX8, Jetson/Xavier, Snapdragon and others since they demand to use their MIPI CSI-2 receiver interface when using the embedded ISP engine.
An V4L SW-driver for the i.MX8 is included for configuring its MIPI CSI-2 receiver.

The VoSPI IP have been tested on Xilinx and Microchip FPGA platforms and the i.MX8 SoC from NXP on a Variscite board.


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